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Christmas Gifts for your art and crafty kids

My kids are totally spoilt at Christmas and it just wouldn't be the same without some art and craft projects to get stuck into over the holidays.  However their tastes and abilities change so much every year that it's hard sometime to work out what would be the most appropriate present.

Despite my 9 year old being more into computer games than before, he still draws and colours a lot.  It's great to engage their creative side with different sets and materials, that in my mind, are far better for them than plastic toys that end up in landfill.

Buying gifts for kids at Christmas is a bit of a minefield.  There are bound to be presents that are left unused and unloved and end up being a complete waste of money.  This is why I've put together the best of our lines, in stock and ready to dispatch to impress on Christmas day that definitely won't go to waste. 

Harry's Christmas picture

So for ease I've split the gifts into age categories

3-5 years old (Pre-school)

Look for art and craft products that engage all the senses for Preschool art and crafters.  We associate art and craft with the visual but for this young age group its about the textural, sound and smell as well as the look of it.

Kids are drawn to (no pun intended) bright colours so this is a great chance to really express themselves.  Typically this involved a LOT of mess, so be prepared.  Have specific messy play time so you can get the Aprons on, waterproof tablecloth on and go for it.  Presents that give them the green light to get messy are a great idea to enthuse kids about art and craft.

Crayons, pens and pencils are chunkier to enable little hands to grasp without a perfect grip.

1) Playfoam

Magic particles that stick to each other but not you.  Amazing stocking filler from £5 that will mesmerise and fascinate the kids.

Playfoam in the hand - mooch art supplies

 2) Playcolor

These paint sticks are perfect for no mess painting.  No water or brushes are needed and all delivered with a twist just like lipstick!  The give a super vibrant finish and are really easy for kids to use.  They dry really quickly and have regular, fluorescent, metallic colours, and even sets for fixing onto clothes/textiles.

 Playcolor paint sticks - mooch art supplies


3)  Pebeo 12 Gouache Cakes

Our best quality paint for kids is also the most convenient.  12 non toxic and vibrant colours within their own palette and a brush means they can get started straightaway.  Use like a watercolour and let dry after use and it will keep for ages.

Pebeo kids gouache paint set - Mooch art supplies 

 4) Chubbi Stumps x 8

Awesome value stocking filler.  Long lasting and hard to break wax crayons for expressive little ones.

Chubbi stump wax crayons - Mooch art supplies


5) Lakeland Jumbo colour pencils x 12

Chunky pencils with virtually unbreakable leads that are perfect for young children to grip and colour with. 

Lakeland jumbo colour pencils - Mooch art supplies


6-8 years

Those fine motor skills are coming along and they can hold a pen/pencil with a bit more aplomb. The are becoming more detailed with their interpretation of their world and they can do some adorable works of artwork for you to cherish.

For us we bought packs of black fineliners and fine felt tips along with basic A3 pads, would keep him occupied for hours.  For Christmas presents it's good to have everything there you need.  i'e if you are going to buy a pack of pens, get a decent pad with it.  If you are buying paints, buy an appropriate surface.

Building models is an excellent way to improve skills in assembling and painting finished models.  Our starter kits have everything you need to create the finished article.

1) Fimo Kids

Extra soft fimo which is easier to shape in a huge range of simple sets.  Perfect for those models that can be hardened in the oven to be gifted back to a loved one.  Now that's value for money.

Fimo kids modelling clay - Mooch Art supplies 

2) Build and Play Construction sets

The perfect gift for budding engineers.  Following instructions and developing their imagination and fine motor skills, these sets are fantastically fun learning tools.

Racing car build and play construction set - Mooch art supplies 

3) Essdee Block Printing for Kids 

Great value set to kick start kids into printing.  With foam sheets that are super easy to score and create patterns.

Essdee kids printing set - Mooch art supplies 

4) Pebeo Acrylic Easel Box

A great starter set for anyone wanting to start painting.  The set is a carry case, easel and paint all in one.

pebeo acrylic easel box for kids - mooch art supplies

5) Derwent Line Maker Colour pack x 6

A great fineliner set for drawing and doodling.  With permanent, fast drying, free flowing ink, these pens will become their favourite tool.

derwent line maker colour set - mooch art supplies


9+ years

These are the years where you may require entry level adult materials.  Kids this age are keenly aware of the materials they are using and they will look at you with disgust when presented with wax crayons in a pizza express.

Gifts at Christmas should be carefully considered.  If it looks childish or plain, it will likely end up forgotten in a drawer for months to come. 

1) Polaroid 3D Pen

A revolutionary way to create 3 dimensional models with a pen.  With a heated plant based plastic, you can draw vertically, horizontally, or any with way you want.

polaroid 3d play pen - mooch art supplies

2) Block Printing Essentials Kit

For those kids who are a bit more responsible in handling a cutting tool, the block printing essentials kit has everything they need to create some awesome artwork.  With soft cut lino, cutter, ink, baren and roller this is a great value set.

Block printing essentials - mooch art supplies 

3) Ecoline Brush Pen Set x 15

Much more desirable than regular felt tips and a bit more grown up too.  Using transparent watercolour ink that is vivid and bright, these brush pens are blendable and a joy to use.

Ecoline brush pen shot - Mooch art supplies


4) Derwent Academy Acrylic Box Set

A grown up painting set for beginners without the grown up price tag.  A beautiful wooden box set containing 12 tubes of acrylic, brush and palette.

Derwent acrylic wooden box - Mooch art Supplies

5) JCB Articulated Dump truck

A 412 piece model that will help develop patience and skill to construct.  Solid and durable, this model has stainless steel parts with a touch anti oxidation coating to prevent discolouration.  There is also and excavator and a digger to build.

JBC Dump truck model kit - Mooch art supplies


Final Word

I've tried to include the kind of presents that are different to the run of the mill art and craft gifts like a colouring set.  I think one of the most important point of these products is that there is a value in the process of creating the models and artwork.  Kids learn and develop their abilities through creative play and these products are fun and educational.

Once finished the artwork or model can then be enjoyed and there is a tangible result from their endeavours. Most importantly these gifts will hopefully excite kids when they open them on Christmas Day.



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