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DIY Wedding Invitations - 5 budget ways to add that WOW factor

DIY Wedding Invitations - 5 budget ways to add that WOW factor

We know that paying for wedding stationery can cost a fortune.  There really is no need to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on something that, with a little care and attention, can be done yourself.  Home made DIY wedding invitations are sought after not just because it is cheaper, but because it shows thought and attention to detail.

Hand crafted Wedding Invites will be totally yours, and will set the tone for the whole wedding.  We made all our own invitations several years back and it was one of the best things we did.  Anyone can achieve a professional looking finish with the right materials and some patience.

Below are some ideas for adding that special touch, you can use them alone, or in combinations with each other depending on how much you want to do.

1) Wax Seals 

Wedding invitation wax seal

A really simple and easy way to add that luxurious feel to an invitation.  Simply melt the wax onto the paper then stamp.  Great for those wanting a more traditional look and feel to your invite.  Be warned that people will expect something special when they open the envelope.

2) Calligraphy Pens and Sets

Wedding invitation calligraphy

A trickier one to master but the right pen will make handwritten invitations so much more personal and it will ooze classic style.  There is always the option to handwrite certain repeatable elements of the invitation that can be perfected more easily.  You wouldn't want a whole bunch of text handwritten so it's best used for stylistic impact with key names, dates and headers.

3) Lino Cut Stamps 

Wedding invitation lino stamp example

Lino cut stamps give a beautifully rustic, arty feel to your invitations.  The great thing is that once the design is done and cut, you have a reproducible stamp that can be printed onto each and every invitation.  The Essdee stamps we stock are super easy to cut and great for beginners.

4) Add a touch of Gold/Silver/Copper

Gold leaf on tags

There are many ways to give your invitations that luxurious touch.  Note I will list these in order of time or expense to accomplish.

  • Gold Marker - Ultra Quick and super easy to achieve a good finish.  Get a decent thickness or an italic nib to give a superior finish.
  • Gold Ink and Dip Pen - Trickier to write with as you need to keep dipping but better when you need to block larger areas of gold.  A bottle of ink is also more versatile as you can use a brush to detail particular areas of the invitation.
  • Gold Leaf - With the potential this could be a very messy and time consuming task but sometimes just giving a gold edge can lift the whole and its not too much bother to do.  You don't have to use real gold leaf, we stock lots of imitation leaf that looks amazing without costing a fortune.

    5) Be Creative with Materials

    Leather wedding invites

    Why stick to the usual paper stock or even paper itself?  We are all tactile individuals so it makes sense for you to choose what you make your invitations with by touch and feel.

    The textures, colour, weight and even smell of the surfaces you use will have a strong bearing on the style of the finished invitations.  It's time to think differently as this will make sure people remember and love receiving the invitation.

    There are also many different printing techniques that you can use that your printer will no doubt be able to enlighten you with but these tend to drive the price up.

    The most effective way to make use of different materials is by using an Image transfer medium.  These will lift the inks on printed paper onto a waterproof films that can be used to transfer onto wood, metal, glass, ceramics, fabric, card and canvas.

    It often takes a bit of trial and error but once you can do one, you will be much much faster doing others and this can be a very cost effective way of getting a printed look onto almost anything.

    Americana Decor Image Transfer Medium 236ml
    Americana decor medium 236ml
    Applicraft Transfer Glaze - 100 ml 
    Applicraft transfer medium 100ml
    Photo Transfer Medium 236ml Americana Decou-Page
    Deco art photo transfer medium 100ml


    Decoart image transfer medium advert 

    Some fantastic ideas i've come across include 

    • Slate - Gold Leaf would also look amazing against the black
    • Wood - Stained or natural , a piece of wood has a warmth and texture to it.
    • Textiles - Cotton or Linen fabrics can be very affordable when cut up into small sections and with a bit of care, can look gorgeous.
    • Leather - Glued onto thick card will give a beautifully warm and soft surface.

    All of these items can form a base for glueing onto printed paper, or card, if applying images and text directly is too problematic.

    I hope this has given you the courage to try and create something different. There are lots of ways you can create something original and learn a new skill at the same time.  Learning rudimentary Calligraphy skills is something you can use time and time again.  All the materials you buy can also be able to be used for other occasions, to liven up your home decor or for other craft projects.

    The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for? 






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