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Top 10 Christmas Gift ideas for Artists, Creatives and Designers

All year we have an eye on creating a good selection of gifts for budding artists at Christmas.  The only problem is the amount of choice can be a little bewildering especially if you don't know what artists use or want.

To help out we've create the top 10 presents for artists and creative people. All the gifts here are sets where they can get started straight away without needing to buy additional gear.  There is only the surfaces to consider where you can choose from our range of sketchpads and books.

It helps if you know the type of materials that they work with but most artists are willing to experiment and try new things so don't be afraid to buy them something that may be new to them, unless of course they have explicitly said they can't/won't work with a certain product.   

1.  Derwent Large Wooden Gift Box of Pencils

Great value for the budding artist as a great introduction into drawing and colouring.


2. Lino Cutting and Printing set

Our best selling lino cutting set by far and for good reason.  It has everything you need to start creating some amazing lino cut artwork and lots more.  It is amazing value for money at full price and even better with 20% off!


3.  Ecoline Brush Pen Sets

A set of 10 or 15 pens that give a very painterly look and feel to artwork.  They are brush pens that contain a transparent liquid watercolour ink that can be blended, mixed and diluted just like watercolour paint.  Versatile and a great gift for any artist.


4. Simply Art Therapy colouring books

We have some massive discounts on these colouring books from Daler Rowney.  Ideal for someone who likes to get their colouring pens and pencils out.


5. Posca PC-1MR Collection set

A box set of 16 fine tipped needle tipped acrylic pens that is a comprehensive set and great present for doodling and colouring.


6.  Derwent Sketching box set x 72

A beast of a sketching set, beautifully presented in a wooden box that will delight anyone who receives it.  We have a great deal and our biggest discount on this set just for this Christmas.


7.  Daler Rowney Aquafine Box Set

Everything you need to start painting with watercolour.  For those who may have wanted to get into watercolours but haven't had the equipment this provides the paint, paper, brushes, masking fluid, sponge and palette all within an attractive box.


8.  Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Wooden Box

Daler have packed in an impressive amount of goodies into this wooden box.  Perfect for the artist who want to start out with a good selection of 12 oil colours, painting knife and palette, linseed oil and 2 brushes.


9. Derwent Academy Acrylic Wooden Box

Great deal on an acrylic starter wooden box set, perfect as an easier way to start painting without the need for solvent cleaning (as with oil paint).  Set contains 12 colours, palette, brush and scraper.


10.  Derwent Lightfast Box of 48

Derwent's premium colouring pencil that will stay rich and vibrant for over 100 years.  Presented in a luxury wooden box this is a lovely gift that will be well received.  

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