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Wax and Metal Gilding For Beginners

Gilding is the ultimate in bling and a sure fire way to make any object look luxurious. Used since Egyptian times, it's the perfect way to give the impression of a solid gold surface at a fraction of the cost.

Gilding is the application of a thin coat of gold to a surface but for the purpose of this blog, I'll be referring to it as all metallic coverings, whether it be with a leaf, paint or wax.

 Christmas gilding with Mooch art supplies

If you are wanting to spruce up a frame or make some gorgeous Christmas decorations, you don't have to spend much to give you that 24 carat look.  I'll go through the various options and you can take you pick. 

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf application

Super thin layers of metal that come in sheets.  You can buy 24 Carat gold leaf which is understandably still very expensive or buy a metal alloy that looks just as good without the price tag.  It involved the most effort and preparation but can give some stunning effects. Click HERE

1.  Preparation

Before applying the leaf you need to prepare the surface with a gold size.  This is an adhesive that enables the leaf to stick to the surface you are working with. Click HERE

2. Application

Take the leaf and place it face down onto the surface.  Gently brush or rub the backing paper to apply the leaf.  Repeat with different sections to parts you have missed, overlapping the leaf by 2-3mm to ensure coverage.

3. Protection

To preserve the gloss and shine of the surface, you will need to apply varnish or lacquer.  

Click HERE for a huge range

Gilding Paint

Liquid leaf colours - Mooch Art supplies

An easy to use paint that has high concentrations of metallic pigment.  Gives lustrous finishes without the need to prime the surface.  You can buy metallic acrylic paint but the best stuff for gilding is Liquid leaf which has a solvent base.  We stock Liquid leaf available in 8 different colour that is one of the most popular paints HERE.

Gilding Wax

Pebeo gilding wax - Mooch art supplies

This is a wax based medium that you can rub onto surfaces with brushes, cloths, sponges or even fingers.  This is the quickest and most simple way to add metallic effects to most objects.  Great for adding effects to ornate mouldings. 

Popular brands include Treasure Gold, Rub N' Buff, Goldfinger and Pebeo Gedeo Gilding waxes.  It dries in around 12 hours where you will have a hard durable finish with no tacky residue. Click HERE

We stock a large range of gilding waxes that are becoming very popular.  This video below illustrates just how quickly you can add effects to any object.

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