Knitting for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Knitting has an enduring appeal that has people of all ages picking up their needles and yarn to create their own clothing or craft objects.  The benefits of Knitting have been proven to improve mindfulness and reduce anxiety, depression and chronic pain.  It doesn't end there, Knitting has also been linked to helping kids with improving their literacy and fine motor skills.   This also helps the elderly maintain their dexterity and reduces the onset of dementia.

Impressive benefits for a past time that seems don't you think?  So you're convinced like many others, what's the next step.

What should a beginner knitter buy?

If you want to dip your toe into knitting you will need the following

  1. Knitting Needles
  2. Yarn
  3. Pattern/Guide
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Needle
  6. Optional extras may include a measuring tape and a crochet hook

See below for some examples of our kits available to dispatch.  Then there are plenty of kits to get started but the best ones contain the type of equipment that is the most user friendly and therefore the most suitable for beginners.

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What type of knitting needles should a beginner use?

Starter sets tend to have a medium sized needle of 6, 7 or 8 (4, 4.5 or 5mm diameter).  They tend to be plastic and around 10 inches (25cm) long.

What type of Yarn should a beginner knitter use?

Yarn made from wool tends to be the best thing for beginners because it's super stretchy and smooth making it easier to knit with.  The wool should be a medium weight and is better if it's lighter in colour so you can see where you have stitched.


Starting out knitting you also need to be conscious of not over-facing yourself when you are learning.  Many who start with a scarf or even a blanket in mind quickly give up and lose patience in a project that looks impossible to finish.  Start small with some easy patterns to follow and you will build confidence to knit that big winter jumper you always wanted or the baby blanket you want to be a cherished heirloom.

 Prefer to learn through video? see below for the basics on knitting for beginners.

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