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Top 5 Quick Tips - Improve Your Drawing Skills

It's the basis of most artwork but is often ignored when many people are keen to dive into a new set of paints.  However, developing the right drawing skills will set you up with the foundations to create much better artwork and give you more satisfaction in doing so.

So here are 5 quick tips to improve your drawing skills...  Here goes

1.  Quick Fire sketches 

Do 10 x 20 second sketches at least twice a week.  This is normally considered a warm up exercise but it will make you focus on the fundamental "bones" of the image.  Get these right and it will be a far superior piece to a sketch with lots of fine detail but missing crucial form.

quick draw sketches

2.  Use Drawing aids

At its most basic you can use a grid to help you get the proportions right but there are also image projectors and image tracers click HERE

image trace - mooch art supplies

Perhaps seen by many as cheating but i've used them and know plenty of other artists who have so don't feel guilty.  The great thing is you can decide how much of the image to copy but if you want to copy a lot then perhaps best look at our paint by numbers range click HERE.


3.  Copy other drawings

It may sound like fraud but it is the quickest way to get a good idea of scale, proportion and pen/pencil pressure to achieve the desired tones. (obviously not with the drawing below).  

N.B Copying can help but not replace drawing real life objects/people.  

4.  Take a Class

Okay it's not the quickest way to improve your drawing skills but joining one will be!  Make a commitment to improve your drawing and being around other budding artists while getting constructive tuition and criticism is still the best way to improve.

drawing class

5.  Be Prolific

Practise, practise, practise.  You will need lots of paper but you don't have to spend lots on it.  Get a ring bound pad so you can see the progress you're making.  Click HERE to see a selection




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