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Pebeo Marbling Ink 45ml with Pipette

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Colour: Yellow

Pebeo Marbling Ink comes in 45ml Jars with pipettes. It's a great way of creating unique marbling effects on fabric, paper or any other light base.

There are nine colours and a thickening powder that can easily be used on fabric, paper or any other light base. The technique of marbling used with Pebeo colours is a simplified and modernised bath technique.

To use, prepare a bath with the Pebeo Marbling Bath. Place drops of the colours on the surface of the bath and then allow them to spread before working them to create various patterns and marbling effects. You'll be able to create unique designs and then, once the marbling is complete, apply the fabric or the paper to be painted to transfer the patterns. Water colours can be mixed together. Put the painted base on a flat surface and allow it to dry before fixing by ironing if necessary.

Note Pebeo don't have Official videos on this but we think Maisy does a great job demonstrating the Marbling Inks!