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White Spirit/Brush Cleaners

  • £4.95

    Revell Painta Clean 100ml Brush Cleaner

    Enamel brush cleaner from Revell - 100ml.

  • £5.75

    Pebeo Odourless Mineral Spirit 75m

    Odourless mineral spirit does not present any risk of irritation or allergic reactions, it is particularly recommended for people working in close...

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  • from £6.49

    Zest-It Oil Solvent Citrus Free

    Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner is an alternative to turpentine and white spirit, it has a pleasant citrus smell, a long active streng...

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    from £6.49
  • from £5.50

    Winsor & Newton Artists White Spirit

    A volatile, flammable diluent suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes. Suitable for oil & alkyd colour. Slightly slower drying...

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    from £5.50
  • from £7.29

    Low Odour Thinners Creative House

    Imagine a white spirit without the pungent chemical smell that usually accompanies it? This is an alternative to traditional white spirit, which l...

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    from £7.29
  • from £4.29

    Artists' White Spirit Creative House

    A refined petroleum spirit used by artists to dilute oil colours. Can also be used to clean brushes.

    from £4.29
  • £5.99

    Zest-It Dip Pen Nib Cleaner 125ml

    Removes many types of ink from dip pen nibs quickly and easily. Just place the ink-stained nibs in the solution, leave for 10-20 minutes then wash ...

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  • £5.49

    Zest-It Artists Adhesive Remover (Hinging Tape) 50ml

    Zest-it Artist Adhesive Remover safely removes Hinging Tape, Glue Dots, Masking Fluid and the sticky residue from paper, wood, mount board, glass, ...

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  • from £6.49

    Zest-It Acrylic Brush Cleaner

    This product can remove Acrylic residue from your brushes and/or revive brushes stiff with dried Acrylic. Excellent for cleaning brushes without...

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    from £6.49
  • from £6.99

    Zest It Dilutant/Cleaner

    A natural solvent made that is pH neutral and contains no CFC's or aromatics. It is non-flammable and non-toxic. Easily removes fresh oil paint fro...

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    from £6.99
  • from £5.50

    Winsor & Newton Sansodor

    A low odour solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes. Suitable for ...

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    from £5.50
  • from £5.50

    Winsor & Newton English Distilled Turpentine

    A fast evaporating, highly refined essential oil with the strongest thinning & brush cleaning power of all Artists' grade solvents. Suitable ...

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    from £5.50
  • from £7.00

    Winsor & Newton Artist Picture Cleaner

    A natural resin/oil emulsion containing ammonia designed for cleaning varnished paintings. It works by dissolving linseed oil oxidation and will r...

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    from £7.00
  • £6.49

    Winsor & Newton Artisan Varnish Remover 75ml

    Removes artisan gloss, matt and satin varnishes. Apply generously onto cotton wool and gently rub into the varnish film.

  • £4.90

    White Spirit 75ml Royal Talens

    Purpose: Thinning oil colour and cleaning brushes and other artists' materialsComposition: Mineral oil distillateVery pure, 100% evaporation; disap...

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  • £9.20

    Daler Rowney Water Washable Oil Brush Cleaner 250ml

    Containing natural oils, this solvent-free, low odour and water washable cleaner is ideal for cleaning oil brushes. Avoiding the use of white spi...

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