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Colour Shaper - Firm

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Colour shapers have a unique silicone tip that can be used with pastels, oil and acrylics, watercolour, glass paints and mono-printing.. They are especially useful in applying masking fluid. They have unrivalled "wipe clean" properties making them easy to keep, maintain and use repeatedly.

Available in either firm of soft (these are firm) five different shapes and 5 different sizes.

  • Angle Chisel - Creates expressive strokes, work from thick to thin, make precise marks.
  • Flat Chisel - Blend Paint, mix paint on the palette, create flat even strokes of colour.
  • Taper Point - Apply and carve paint, blend charcoal and pastel, create clean linear strokes, make broad forceful marks.
  • Cup Round - Move heavy paint, control thicker colour, create soft edges, blend pastel and charcoal.
  • Cup Chisel - Adjust contours and edges, carve paint, remove paint.