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Conte Pastel Pencils Tin Of 12


Conte A Paris have been manufacturing some of the finest artists materials available for more than 200 years. Many artists and grand masters have used Conte A Paris products because of the selection of pigments, lightfastness, and the exceptional brightness and purity of the colours. The exceptional diameter of the Conte A Paris pastel pencil (5 mm) lead gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel. The pastel is a perfect pencil companion to soft pastel because its lead is slightly harder with less pigment. Great for details required in small and medium sized formats. In contrast with soft pastels, pastel pencils should not be added in successive layers of colours, but used as pure colours laid out in patchwork fashion side by side (so as not to dull the shades). It is recommended that the barrel alone should be sharpened with a knife and the lead shaped with a scraper or sandpaper.

12 Assorted Colours in a tin

Includes: Medium Yellow, Orange, Vermilion, Flesh, Dark Ultramarine, Light Blue, Dark Green, St Michael Green, Yellow Ochre, Bistre, Black & White.