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Imagetrace transfer paper A3/A4

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Colour: Black Single sheet

Imagetrace can be used like carbon paper to transfer designs, sketches, patterns or templates onto virtually any surface. Place the imagetrace, colour side down onto the surface you want to transfer to, place the design on top of the sheet and trace over with a stylus or a tracing wheel and the pressure will create crisp lines.

Imagetrace can be used on ceramics and pottery as the marks disappear when the pot is fired.

Traced line are wax free and can be erased with no smearing or smudging.

Lines can also be sponged or washed out of fabric, a hot iron won't fix the traced lines.

Traced lines can be painted or inked over with no skipping or bleeding.

Available in 5 colours, Black, blue, Red, White and Yellow in both A3 and A4.

For use on paper, fabrics, ceramics, glass, wood and metal.