Liquid Leaf metallic paint 30ml bottle

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Liquid Leaf is an easy-to-use way of adding an effective metallic finish to many surfaces like wood, metal or stone (gravestones included) or objects including carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps and figurines.
Liquid Leaf combines a red primer together with a film of lustrous metal particles pre-mixed into a single spirit-based liquid which creates a beautiful, vibrant finish with a brilliant sheen that resembles traditional gilded work.
To use simply shake the paint thoroughly to ensure the metallic particles are evenly distributed then apply. Liquid Leaf flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful, lustrous finish. It is so controllable that it can be used with striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls. After applying Liquid Leaf allow it to dry and, if required, seal the painted surface.

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